Chasers (Alone, #1) - James  Phelan I’d seen things in the past four days; things other people wouldn’t believe. Buildings glittering in the dark and becoming dust. Dead bodies. People no longer in control of themselves… A trigger being pulled. A life taken.Jesse is an Australian teen visiting New York when some apocalyptic event occurs that leaves the city destroyed and nearly empty, except for strange, staggering humans who have an insatiable thirst and — when no water can be found — satisfy it with blood. Jesse and his friends Dave, Anna, and Mini work together to find shelter, retain their sanity, and try to survive somehow in this new, unfamiliar world.The first half of the book is exactly what you’d expect a post-apocalyptic zombie novel to be like, though after the initial Cloverfield-like set-up, there’s a bit more just staying put and exploring the new, vacant world, and less running from zombies than I would expect. There also are some weird story threads that don’t really seem to go anywhere — polar bears, for instance. Most of these seemingly dead-end threads are tied up in the last few chapters, but the reader is still left wondering what really happened (biological warfare? aliens? a virus? terrorists? the CIA?), and why.The book’s greatest redeeming qualities all came within the last few chapters of the book, though. There are some surprises that make other mysterious all make sense, and some new information that makes it seem more than just another zombie story. It definitely made me want to read the next book, though I am hoping that it will move at a more lively pace than this one.Overall: What starts as a typical zombie/apocalypse story takes some interesting psychological turns