After Hello - Lisa Mangum "My dad taught me never to talk to strangers," she said lightly."We're all strangers in the beginning.""Then what are we in the end?""We'll have to see when we get there."On what seems like an ordinary day, Sara and Sam meet by chance on a crowded New York City street. Though Sara is only there for the day, Sam invites her along to deliver a book to a snooty celebrity, who sends the two of them off on a quest to find a rather particular piece of artwork for her penthouse. With their unique skills -- Sam's ability to find and trade things that people want, and Sara's ability to see beauty in things -- they navigate the streets of NYC and share one deeply personal, life-changing day together.The story of Sam and Sara was cute and sweet in a teen romance movie kind of way. I loved following them on their explorations through NYC, especially seeing the famous sights of the city through Sara's eager, artistic eyes. The dialogue in particular was very realistic; it was like listening to two friends and made the whole novel feel very genuine. I enjoyed the quirky things that they did, like trading objects for ones of higher value until they got what they needed.Some of the subplots of the story (such as Sam's dark secret and Sara's past wounds) seemed a little melodramatic for my tastes, and Sarah in particular seemed at times unhealthily crippled by something that happened to her half of her lifetime ago. A few parts of the novel dragged a bit, with the quest of the day broken up by philosophical meanderings. I also wasn't quite so sure about the ending. When they both went their separate ways without sharing contact information (even their full names!) I couldn't help but feel a little let down that this friendship(/budding romance?) had no chance of continuing.Overall: A sweet, lighthearted look at what makes strangers into friends.Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy of this book!