All That is Red - Anna Caltabiano Perhaps there was truth in what The Pure One said. Why else was I so numb inside? I had to paint emotions on my face, because I was incapable of feeling. Didn't that make me one of them; part of the White?A girl is thrust into a polarized world, where on one side are the Reds, who feel strongly and deeply; and the Whites, unfeeling, cold, and emotionless. As she helps take up the cause of the Reds, she's torn by her own inner numbness.The author takes on a weighty topic, that of cutting and attempted suicide, creating an allegorical world in which extreme emotions and cold numbness battle one another in a struggle for the future of humanity. Deep stuff to tackle, for sure, and the point comes across clearly, though perhaps not as subtly as I'd have preferred.The story immediately jumped into the action, which was a bit confusing, as we had no background as to where the narrator was, who she was, or how she got herself into the predicament, at least until much later. The plot moves quickly, almost too quickly -- the narrator goes from a listless wanderer to the leader of a rebellion in the course of a few short chapters... it's a bit breakneck, as it the transition from fantasy to dystopian/war novel.Overall: An Alice in Wonderland-type adventure with a much deeper meaning.