Starship Titanic - Douglas Adams, Terry Jones, Marie-Catherine Caillava I abandoned this book about 1/4 of the way into it.This book is based on a line in a Douglas Adams novel, about an ill-fated starship, which -- I assumed -- would somewhat parallel the sinking of the Titanic. I can't say I got far enough to see if it would.The premise intrigued me, and I assumed this would be a fun, humorous retelling of Titanic's story in a quirky Douglas-Adams fashion.I couldn't get very far, however. The author went for humor, but ended up falling short. The elements that were obviously supposed to be quirky just ended up being random and pointless, and the characters and dialogue were hard to follow. Most characters had little development besides stating their occupation, which made it hard to discern one from another. I probably could have plodded through, but I have other books on my shelf that interested me more, so I couldn't justify spending my time dragging myself through this one.