Wait No More: One Family's Amazing Adoption Journey - Kelly Rosati This is the memoir of John & Kelly Rosati and their four adopted children. It chronicles their years working through the foster care adoption system and the struggles which they encountered as they sought to bring their children into their forever home. They reflect on how God has directed their lives and brought them through their trials to where they are today.This book is a very realistic, personal look at adoption and challenges the reader to ask themselves, "Could I do that?" The writing style was very casual, sounding as if Kelly were having a conversation with the reader about her experiences. This is NOT a "how-to" book, more of a "why-to" book. Frankly, some of their experiences were rather harrowing, and could be enough to scare others away from the possibility of adoption through the foster care system. Obviously, I appreciate their honesty, and they expressed that it was all very much well worth it, but without having the benefit of actually knowing these kids, there were parts that left me thinking, "Why on earth would anyone want to go through that?" -- which I'm sure wasn't the intended outcome.Overall, an interesting read, and could be very inspirational for those considering adopting children from difficult backgrounds. It's definitely an eye-opener, and I fully respect anyone that chooses this route for their family -- it was abundantly clear by this book that this is not an easy option.