The Dressmaker: A Novel - Kate Alcott This is the story of Tess, an aspiring seamstress/designer who gets hired on as prestigious designer Lady Duff Gordon's assistant aboard the Titanic. After the tragedy, Lady Duff Gordon is criticized and questioned about her actions aboard the least-full lifeboat, and Tess must decide where her loyalties lie and what she really wants out of herself and her new life in America.As a huge Titanic fan, I was kind of taken aback when the passengers were already off the Carpathia and I was barely a third of the way into the book. BUT when I realized that this book was really more about the aftermath and the inquiries and adjusting to life as a survivor, I found myself once again enjoying it. At the end, the focus seemed to stray to feminism, which kind of put me off for a bit, but it fit in well with the historical times, so it worked.