City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Heads up: This book contains violence and some swearingI spent about the first third of this book wondering if I was going to like it; the second third wondering when the characters were going to catch on to the plot twists that I had already figured out; and the last third actually enjoying it.City of Bones is a fairly easy read, kind of typical among other supernatural-creatures-in-a-real-world battle-between-good-and-evil YA book. Some of the ways they worked this supernatural world into the real world were interesting (such as the addition of Shadowhunters, basically a breed of superhumans that fight demons), others were a bit overdone (aren't we sick of vampires and werewolves yet?) The "romance" aspect of the book was a bit overplayed... I would have preferred it without the awkward teen love triangles, especially considering the startling revelation that happens at the end (which I had figured out about halfway through). The end is somewhat of a cliffhanger, but wraps up enough of the loose ends that I don't feel like I have to rush out and get the sequel this moment. In fact, I'm still debating whether I liked it enough to read the other books in the trilogy, or whether I should just leave well enough alone... I was left with a distinct feeling that the rest of the series could go downhill very quickly.