Man vs Cat - Donna Brown, David M. Brown One man chronicles the life of his six cats as they plot against him.Occupation?Omniscient, omnipotent, military leader, tactical and strategic genius, conqueror… oh, and I like whacking toys on the end of pieces of string.I’ll admit, I’m not a “cat person.” In fact, I’ve kind of sworn them off since a brand-new adorable baby kitten pooped on my hand way back in the third grade. Thus, when I read the synopsis included evil cats plotting against a man, I felt I could probably relate. This book has some truly hilarious lines, told straight from the cat’s perspectives. My personal favorite was Charlie, a power-hungry feline bent on taking over the world.The first part of the book was, however, not quite what I had expected. It made me seriously doubt the author’s feelings about his cats; he sounded much more like a proud papa recalling his offspring’s silly exploits than a man fearing for his life. I’m glad, however, that I pushed on to get to the latter parts that I, personally, found much more entertaining. There were also a number of references that were clearly British-isms that — sad to say — ended up going over my head.Overall: A cat lover’s book of cat humor that cat haters can enjoy, too