Betrayals in Spring

Betrayals in Spring - Trisha Leigh Althea, Lucas, and Pax must work together to devise a plan that will allow them to free Deshi, the fourth of their kind, whom they will need in order to overthrow the Others and free Earth from the Others’ power.Nothing out here can threaten us. If that cat jumped, we’d have it charred, encased in ice, and swirled away in a tornado before it hit the ground.Which might be overkill, but the point remains.This book picks up from a cliffhanger and ends in a cliffhanger, without a lot of action in between, but with a whole lot of contemplating and doubting and planning and decision-making taking place. It contained necessary steps in Althea’s quest to free the humans from the Others’ influence, and resolved the love triangle introduced during the last book, but I felt this one progressed more slowly than the others. Like the last, there was some gore and torture that could be disturbing for younger readers.Overall: A necessary part of the series, more focused on character development than plot progression