Eve of Destruction (Dark Eden Series #2)

Eve of Destruction - Patrick Carman Last year, Will Besting and six other teens were miraculously cured of their paralyzing fears at Fort Eden. What they didn't bargain for were the debilitating side effects -- arthritis, hearing loss, narcolepsy, and dizzy spells. When the sinister Mrs. Goring offers them an opportunity to get back the pieces of their youth and in the process destroy the man that caused them, they jump at the opportunity. They didn't however, expect once more to be trapped underground in a nuclear reactor, working together to escape the clutches of an evil megalomaniac.The intensity of this book made it hard to put down. At nearly any point in the book, there were characters in immediate peril, and as Will is forced to play out a game of chess with his friends' lives, each twist and turn has unexpected consequences. When the final confrontation plays out, I'll admit, I saw the resolution coming, but it was still a clever ending.This YA sci-fi suspense does have some rather frightening turns, but it's a quick story that's an absolute must-read for fans of the first "Dark Eden" novel.