Sherlock Holmes and the Needle’s Eye:The World's Greatest Detective Tackles the Bible's Ultimate Mysteries - Len Bailey, Warren W. Wiersbe Detective Sherlock Holmes receives a challenge to solve ten Biblical mysteries with the use of the Needle’s Eye, a device which allows him to time travel to pertinent scenes of the Bible.“How might Bible mysteries two or three millennia old come to life again? Or be investigated?…” I stopped short. The Time Traveler filled my whole vision.Sherlock Holmes? Time travel? The Bible? Count me in!The author uses the same style of writing to solve these Biblical mysteries as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used in the original Sherlock Holmes mysteries, and together with Dr. Watson, the two investigators use their signature skills of logic, deduction, and keen observation in order to shed some light on parts of the Bible which may confuse or confound readers. For instance:Why did David choose five stones?Why did God tell Joshua to march around Jericho once for six days, and then seven times the seventh day?What did Jesus write on the ground when the teachers of the law brought him the adulteress?While each of their explanations did make logical sense, and kept true to proper Scriptural interpretation (i.e. don’t take things out of context), and could very well be the case, without the Bible telling us outright, it’s still speculation, albeit well-educated and possibly quite likely speculation.Overall: A deeply analytic look at some of the Bible’s mysteries, with Holmes and Watson as the guides.