The Big Book of Bible Answers: A Guide to Understanding the Most Challenging Questions - Ron Rhodes Theologian Ron Rhodes explores many of the questions that people may ask about the Bible in a question/answer format.Like the ancient Bereans, we should make a regular habit of testing all things against Scripture… If you do this consistently, you’ll soon become a formidable warrior of the Word.Reading through the wealth of knowledge in this book was truly a daunting task, so I can only begin to imagine how much work must have gone into studying, researching, and writing this. The product is an encyclopedia of Biblical knowledge. I really appreciated the author’s desire to approach the doctrinal and application questions within from a Biblical viewpoint and, in the cases where there are disagreements among questions, present the arguments from both sides.I can’t, however, recommend this book without some reservations, since there are some items in this book with which I do not agree with the author’s conclusions that he’s drawn, particularly in regards to baptism and the End Times. The author leans towards decision theology and millennialism, so my recommendation of this book would come with the caveat that the reader recognizes these biases and reads discerningly.Overall: A well-organized and well-researched resource, though it does have an obvious Baptist/Reformed bias.