Reached - Ally Condie Told in three alternating perspectives, Cassia, Xander, and Ky’s stories conclude as they each do their part to help the Rising and find a cure for a deadly Plague.The Society is dying, is dead. Tears stream down my cheeks. In spite of myself, I find that I am crying for the Society, for its end. For the death of what did keep some of us safe for a very long time.One of the greatest strengths of this series is how the characters grow and mature, from teens — children, really — under the control of Society, to now being responsible adults who must make their own choices and live with the consequences. I was glad that the love triangle didn’t go unresolved for too long, and the resolution, though predictable, was probably the most “happily ever after” ending possible for all, and left me feeling satisfied. Not amazed or shocked, but satisfied. I was also pleased with hearing Xander’s perspective, which in this book was really necessary, considering he was the one most consistently dealing with the Plague, and I liked that the two sides pitted against one another (Society vs Rising) were both recognized as being imperfect, though with some positive attributes.I feel like I’m being nitpicky pointing out the flaws I found in this book. All in all, it was pretty good, though not necessarily what I expected after re-reading the first two books. For instance, since Cassia is unable for most of the book to communicate with the one she loves the romance aspect kind of gets thrown by the wayside. There were also some parts of the plot that were just too convenient, too coincidental, or too far-fetched for me to really fully buy — (highlight for spoilers: Lei’s true identity, for instance… what are the chances of that?? and Cassia being asked to sort for her own Banquet… really? Even the Plague and its mutation and the cures, as well as Cassia being able to remember the red garden day because she didn’t take the green pill just all seemed a little too simplistic. And are we to believe that Society never noticed that not everyone was effected by the red pills?).Overall: A satisfying conclusion to the series, though a bit predictable.