If We Survive - Andrew Klavan A mission trip takes a drastically unexpected turn when the country Will and his friends are in experiences a revolution and they must escape the insurgents and flee through the jungle to safety.Then the leader of the firing squad barked an order, and the three other gunmen lifted their weapons and pointed them at us. My mind stopped My thoughts stopped. There was nothing left to see now or to think about besides the four black bores of the rifle barrels pointed at me, about to spit death.My husband took a look at the cover of this book and thought it was a zombie novel. Sadly, no, you won’t find any zombies in this book. What you will find, though, is a group of Christians fighting for their lives among murderous insurrectionists, poisonous snakes, bone-shattering rapids, and all of the dangers of a Central American jungle. The characters are dynamic, complex, and people whom — despite their flaws — the reader grows to care about and understand. The influence of their Christian faith prevails in this book, as they struggle to see God’s hand at work and to trust Him in all things.There really was very little about this book that I didn’t like. I’m not a huge fan of drawn-out action scenes, so some of those got a bit long, but even then,they were peppered with Will — the narrator–’s unique, humorous realism. The fact that shooting a gun for the first time reminds him of playing Gears of War made me smile; it’s exactly the sort of thing that a teen (well, or I) would be thinking in that situation. I also really enjoyed seeing how his admiration for his love interest played out — again, acutely realistic yet somewhat unpredictable.Overall: Klavan once again shows that YA Christian fiction can be exciting, daring, and intense.