A Night to Remember - Walter Lord, Nathaniel Philbrick This historical account of the Titanic's sinking includes a myriad of stories from survivors, putting together the big picture of what was going on among the people on the ship the night Titanic sunk. The author used primary sources to put together this very readable text. I enjoyed reading the different accounts of the disaster in a mostly-chronological order. Particularly interesting were people's reactions as the events were unfolding. The author included stories from all classes, from survivors from all of the boats, so that the story could be pieced together accurately. It was incredibly interesting to me how little the people actually understood at the time about what was going on. When we look back in retrospect, it all seems very matter-of-fact, but while it was occurring, there was a lot of confusion, incorrect assumptions, and blatant mistakes being made by the passengers. Learning how the real people dealt with the real tragedy was far more interesting to me than hearing a made-up account of a fictional character from an author who could only speculate what it would be like.