Dark Eden - Patrick Carman, Patrick  Arrasmith This was a neat book -- a quick read with an interesting twist at the end. A group of seven teenagers gather together at what's supposed to be a week-long "camp" to cure them of their debilitating fears. I enjoyed following the main character, Will, as he discovers what's really going on at the camp, and then is surprised again and again by other twists. I had both his fear and his backstory twist figured out before it was revealed, and I had suspected other, more dark aspects of how the camp was run, but it still had me guessing and second-guessing all the way until the end.Dark Eden is definitely a far cry from Patrick Carman's other books that I've read ("The Land of Elyon" series) but really neat in its own right. Of course, I realized afterward that I've done it again... read the first book in a series, when the sequel isn't going to be out for another two months. This book is definitely a stand-alone novel, though, and I would have been fine with the story ending as it did. I'm curious to see how the sequel is going to progress the storyline.